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IMPACKT grants a 6 years warranty from the valid date of purchase onwards. The warranty covers material defects and defects caused by poor workmanship only. lt is limited to the value of the product and may not exceed it. Damages caused by improper handling, normal wear and tear or improper use by third parties are understandably not covered under this warranty.

The warranty is actionable only upon presentation of proof of purchase. In case of a valid warranty claim, IMPACKT may choose not to repair but to exchange for a same or comparable new product at their discretion. Further claims for compensation of any kind are excluded. 

In case of valid warranty claims for defective items that are no longer part of the active product range or inventory, IMPACKT reserves the right to fulfil its duties by providing a comparable replacement. 

This guarantee is in addition to the legal rights and we at IMPACKT are happy to give it to you. Even though we are pretty sure you will not need it.